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Saturday, July 31, 2010

New FB Page

Just created a new Facebook page on my photography works. For now, that's the one with the latest updates.

Edit : Darn... getting one page ID number wrong produces Lactose Free Milk instead of my page....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

To conclude the Vietnam series....

Việt Nam

Vietnamese Flag Meaning:
The red base represents blood spilt during the country's fight for independence. The star represents Vietnam's unity and the points on the star represent the union of the workers, peasants, soldiers, intellectuals and young people working together in building socialism.

Vietnamese Flag History:
The Vietnamese flag was adopted on November 30, 1955, after gaining independence from French rule in 1954. The basic design of the Vietnamese flag originates from the 1940s and was used by liberation forces fighting for independence against Japan. When the Vietnamese flag was adopted in 1955, it was only used by the communist-led North Vietnam. The southern half of the nation was called the Republic of South Vietnam. The south collapsed in 1976 and the country was unified under the name the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Source :


Imagine squeezing 28 people + 1 potted plant in one minivan.... how is it possible???




Notice the driver (The one up front in pink) has got one squeezed on his left and another on his right.

Friday, November 21, 2008

What Malaysians do not know.... (as usual)

Malaysians are a sorry bunch. As long as their everyday lives are not being disrupted, they are more than willing to be led by their noses to wherever, and believe whatever is being fed to them, including Elvis being alive.

Check these two articles out : 1 2

The first article is titled "Government should profit from Low Fuel Prices" and highlights how our dear Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Abdul Samad commenting that :

1) The government can make a profit if local fuel prices remain at RM2 per litre and
global crude oil prices hover at around US$55 per barrel.

2) "We gave it (money) away in the form of subsidies when prices were high, so it's only fair that the government makes some money now when prices are low."

3) Petrol stations will not be able to profit from the current low prices as they get a fixed margin of 12 sen per litre.

4) The government had stopped paying petrol subsidies since Nov 1 when global crude oil prices dipped below US$65 per barrel.

5) "At the price today, which is at RM2 (per litre), there is no subsidy and we do not have to pay.

So not only am I paying exorbitant Taxes for my car, road tax, income tax... etc etc etc. Now I'm paying an extra "hidden" cash back to the Government in the form of gas prices!!

Now that Crude Oil prices has dropped below USD 50/barrel... my government is litterally SWIMMING in everyday profits reaped from poor Malaysians who continue to pump petrol at RM2/litre, oblivious to the facts above, and blissfully happy that the gas prices just dropped to RM2/litre only last week!!

There's nothing left to say except a big huge facepalm.

P/S - I do think that Elvis is ALIVE! =D

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My favourite shot of the Vietnam/Thailand Trip

Many excellent shots this trip from the Grand Palace @ Thailand, Halong Bay @ Vietnam and even nice portraits... but the shot that stands out most for me after looking through all would be this :

Rays of Light HDR

The One that wasn't fast enough...

Original Article : Honk & Go!

The one that wasn't fast enough...

I wonder who and what law protects motorists/cyclists who are knocked down in Vietnam.

The fatalities must be very high considering the break neck speeds at which the cars/trucks charge down the roads.